Im doing research now! On Walt Disney HAHAHA. And I really hate research man , its so hard to do. Furthermoe , my printer broke down and I have to write everything out. Which is sad. ):

And I think I got into Runner’s Club! Cos Yijie msged me this morning and told me Im in. But Im unsure on whether or not I have to go for CCA tmr , cos no one informed me so far. LOL. I just hope I’ll be able to get into Runner’s Club. :D

We have like such a huge pile of homework. To me la , its alot. Have to read this and read that. Do tutorials , research , and read somemore. ): Im seriously falling asleep in every lecture and class. Especially those slots with more than 1 hour.

I am broke. We need to pay for notes , lecture books , tutorial books , calculators , handbooks and more notes everyday! I think I’ve spent so much on notes these 2 weeks. And my mother is starting to suspect me of using the money for something else.

Eeeeee. Hahahahaha , okay I was just very bored. Now I shall go research on Disney again. Hehe.

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