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Nananaa :D

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Haha I havent blogged for a week I think. I feel super tired this week. JC life is really starting to get hectic and tiring and sian and busy. ): I almost cried last night , because I couldn’t read and understand some chinese passage at all. And because of that I couldnt do chinese homework ): Gna try again later , I shall come up with something for summary. There’s 1 million and one things to do , read and study for.

But I still love JC life alot (: Especially since I have such an awesome class1A04! :D:D Without them I’ll seriously go into depression and cry every day. Everyone’s so encouraging and supportive and kind and nice , and they really make me feel happy!

And even though I come home so late nowadays , the earliest so far was . 5+ , I still enjoy SRJC. Yay yay I dont regret coming to this sch at all haha. Okay , I shall stop here la. I realise my whole post and the precious posts are all about SRJC and my class :D Okay byebye!

you’re so cute. e.c’s so cute. :D


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Haha , the figures above spell out my accomplishment today!

Met Joanna and Constance in the morning at usual time , then went to school. Our intention was to run rounds arnd the track for the RUN@SRJC thingy , but we found out later that it didnt start this week. HAHA. We ran 2 rounds arnd the track anyway , and aft that I was dead tired alr. Went off for SHOP , then assembly.

And lessons are becoming so tiring these days , dunno why luhhhhh ): But I still can absorb stuff well which is a good thing yayyyyy.:D:D:D And I love 1A04 so much la , we’re so bonded and all. Just that girls and guys are still abit seperated , but I think thats gna change soon (: Besides , we have 2 years to spend with each other! So yayy , I love 1A04 muchzxz <333

Aft lessons today , went for Runner’s Club trials. And we didnt get to play captain’s ball in the end cos ODAC took up our space. D: So we ended up doing intervals in the end , 5 sets of 200m run , 20pushups and 20 crunches. I feel so light and feathery now HAHAHA. And I made new friends which is YAYYY :D. Yijie , Wenjie , Mei Hong and Cho Lin! Theyre such fun ppl to be with :D And I enjoyed runners club today yayyyy :D:D:D

So in total , I ran 2.8km , did 100 pushups and 100 crunches for today. Im so proud of myself :DDDDDD


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Im doing research now! On Walt Disney HAHAHA. And I really hate research man , its so hard to do. Furthermoe , my printer broke down and I have to write everything out. Which is sad. ):

And I think I got into Runner’s Club! Cos Yijie msged me this morning and told me Im in. But Im unsure on whether or not I have to go for CCA tmr , cos no one informed me so far. LOL. I just hope I’ll be able to get into Runner’s Club. :D

We have like such a huge pile of homework. To me la , its alot. Have to read this and read that. Do tutorials , research , and read somemore. ): Im seriously falling asleep in every lecture and class. Especially those slots with more than 1 hour.

I am broke. We need to pay for notes , lecture books , tutorial books , calculators , handbooks and more notes everyday! I think I’ve spent so much on notes these 2 weeks. And my mother is starting to suspect me of using the money for something else.

Eeeeee. Hahahahaha , okay I was just very bored. Now I shall go research on Disney again. Hehe.

Walao eh.

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Seriously , whats wrong with you. Stop heck-caring about everything arnd you , and sit in front of the computer watching your movies all day long. Furthermore , you should try to at least LISTEN to what your daughter has to say . Not scolding her when she’s trying her best to be hardworking and attempt on starting her homework. If I knew I seriously wouldn’t even have bothered.

Thanks for your accusations la. In your eyes I’ll always be useless and a slacker. Bet you’re disappointed to have me as your daughter right. Well , thanks alot . You so made my day =.=

This is a small town ,

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Tomorrow’s the start of lectures!

Im so proud of myself today , I went to the reservoir + gym to jog! With Darius , yay hes so sweet to follow me. HAHA. Anyway , its been ages since I actually exercised , and I really feel so happy. I ran on the treadmill , but not much. Only about 1km++ I think. But its a start. Since Im gna take PE , Im gna run everyday. With Joanna , must exercise more and build up stamina yayyyyy :D:D:D

Yesterday was fun , aft church , we went to eat at Fish and Co. ! So long nvr eat there alr. But I didnt finish the fish and chips , ooooops :X Anyway , nice time of chatting + catching up with each other!

AND ANOTHER THING. Im so happy.Wna know why? Ask me why. HAHA. :D

Tomorrow’s Monday , lectures starting. But Im sort of still looking forward to school.Haha yayyyy ;D

Full of love , joy , laughter ,

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Happy Valentines Day to everyone who reads this blog. :D Going out for dinner with Chong and the rest later , yayyy , at least I dont have to eat dinner alone (:

Im leaving for church soon

But I just wanted to say,

I miss my OG group B2 ,

and I miss ______. Even though I saw him yst only. Monday quick come. (: Its fun to have eyecandy in sch. :D:D:DD

For all to see ,

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Orientation ended yesterday! And Im starting to like SRJC more and more alr. :D Everyone’s just so fun and nice. But once lessons start next wk , Im surely gna miss orientation ): And we got our timetable today , everything ends at either 2.30 or 3.30 pm , + CCA on some days.

Im still thinking of which CCA to join. I dont think Im gna join CCC anymore , I went for the CCC meeting today , and I was , very bored. Cos practically NOONE in my group talked to me except for one senior. And I didnt get the games they asked us to play as well. ): I felt like a loner , seriously.

Maybe I’ll join Runner’s Club. But I didnt sign up for it! Oh well. That means I have to take PE , and I told Constance I’ll give PE a shot , if I really cant cope then take long term MC. Yeaaaaaa , I have two whole weeks to think about CCA.

Anyway , I think orientation’s really fun. :D Especially yesterday , which was Finale. Haha , got skits + cheers + college dance. HAHA , the dance is stuck in my head now. And its kind of nice laaaa. Lessons start next wk. ): Ohnooooo , Im so not ready yet.

My mum just bought me ankle socks . Got pink , blue and orange. HAHA. I shall stop here nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww. SRJC rocks (: