Keep your eyes locked on mine ,

Yesterday was funnnn(:

Got woken up by my mother , who continuously screamed m y results in my ear. Hmm , got posted to SRJC arts stream. It doesn’t seem that bad aft all. Especially since I know tons of ppl there. At first I was disappointed , but aft that , I realise that in everything I do , God has a plan for me. So if my appeal to TPJC fails , then I know God put me in SR for a reason. And I wont be sad (: Yayyy. I thank God that at least I got into a JC.

Took a longggggggggg bus trip down to SRJC , cos my mother insisted we look around. It took arnd 50 minutes , and the school isn;t that bad aft all. There’s 2 weeks of orientation , I hope it passes fast. Then , we tried a different route back , and surprise surprise , it only took 30 mins+. So I shall spend 1 hour travelling per day. So not used to it laaa ):

Anyway , went out with Wanxin , Daniel and Wesley for dinner. MRT-ed to CityLink , and we ate Kenny Rogers at Marina Square. I couldn’t finish , so Daniel had to eat for me. Hahaha. And we walked arnd to Funan IT Mall , but most of the shops were closed. So we wentt o sit at the river at Clarke Quay for the rest of the time. Hmm , thought of many stuff , someone’s name kept appearing in my mind. Shucks. ):

Bus-ed home , which took 1 hour++. And I reached home at 11+ (: Talked to Anna on the phone until 1am+. I love talking to Anna on the phone okay. Anna , if you see this , be honoured okay. (:

And my internet’s screwing up on me , so I shall end the post. Im trying to write another song now. (((((:

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