Something for you ,

I remember the night
When we started talking
For hours and hours
It was such a special feeling

Over the days
We chatted more and more
About everything under the sun
I was so happy talking to you
But I didn’t know that those happy moments wouldn’t last for long

Was it because we were both busy?
Or was it because of the rumours?
Lesser and shorter our conversations got,
And the distance between us got further and further

I don’t know what’s this feeling
My heart is tingling
Whenever I think of you
Is this love , or just a crush?
I really have no idea
But all I know is that I do feel something for you

It became an on and off thing
Sometimes we talked alot , other times not at all
I tried to give up so many times
But each time , all I managed to do was fall

The more I tried to forget you
The more I failed in doing so
Until the point where I realised
I don’t think I could ever let you go


My 3rd song! Haha , I tried writing it when I couldn’t sleep some nights ago.

Yay , writing songs/poems really make me happy! (:

Cos like Rubez said , its a form of expression.

Please dont laugh at me , whoever may be reading this. (:

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