New chapter,

Yst was Olevel Results. And I was really really tensed up and anxious. At first it wasnt so bad , because I was praying and talking to God. But as my turn came nearer and nearer , something just stirred up inside me and I was super nervous and jittery. But okay la , I didnt cry surprisingly (:

And I know I didnt do well , but thank God nevertheless , because at least I didnt do much worse. I didnt give my best , so I deserve what I got. And even though its really uncertain whether or not I’ll get into the school I want , Im just gna stop worrying and trust God. Because God has a plan for meeee! And Im sure He’ll provide me a place where I can shine for Him.

I need to think of 8 other choices to put down. TPJC’s gna be my first choice , CJ next. And the rest , I’ll continue thinking bout it. I was really sad yst , and being me , I binged on food. And I think thats why I sort of fell sick . Im having really bad cramps and stomach aches now. ): And my lesson is never to vent your frustrations on food. No matter how terrible or upset you feel.

I really thank God that I have so many ppl around me , encouraging me even though I was upset and worried. My wonderful mama , aunty nelly , and brother , who comforted me the moment I walked through the door. My super lovely mummy , who msged me throughout the results , and my dad , even though he was in malaysia , he msged me this really encouraging message. And its really nice when eveyrone around you is showing their love and concern for you. And all my wonderful friends , my classmates who were there for me , eveyrone who msged me aft they got their results , those who talked to me on msn and the phone , my lovely cellgroup and cell leaders. I really thank God for each and every one of you , and I love youuuu (:

And Rubez Bestfriend has the same results as me! Its comforting to know that someone is alongside me , to make decisions with me , and just being there. Its a real big comfort, Thanks bestfrienddd (:

All those who did well , all glory to God yea? Congratssss

And to those that did not do that well , cheer up (: God is ahead of us paving the way!

Now I need God’s strength to see me through , and help me make the correct choices. Thank you God (:

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