Oh yea , I was so busy thaking everyone I forgot to add on something!

even though there were disappointments , theres always a blessing in disguise right?

God put so many surprises in my life. Like in the midst of being sad , there were things that still cheered me up.

Firstly , 100% PASSES FOR PURE GEOGRAPHY. When Vanessa told me , I really couldn’t believe it. No thanks that I didnt bring my glasses so I couldnt see the statistics on the screen for myself. We were screaming like mad , because I HAVE NEVER EVER PASSED GEOGRAPHY IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Soooo , when I got back my results,

A2 for geography. A2!!!!! A2 = DISTINCTION. DISTINCTION FOR GEOGRAPHY! I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling , even aft I counted my not-so-good results.

Secondly , I PASSED AMATH. Like geography , amaths was the one subject that I had the least confidence in. Because I know I screwed up paper 2. BUT. B3 for amath. I was really expecting myself to fail amaths , but B3 is really a great achievement for me. YAY (:

Thirdly , I improved one grade for Chinese. Im really happy I decided to listen to Mummy and retake Chinese Os. If I havent , I would have one mark more for Olevels. Even though its just one grade , Im really really happy , cos everyone knows my chinese is like CMI. So yay. (:

Fourthly , Distinction for English. (: Even though its just an A2 , I was really counting on english to pull up the rest of my grades , and yay it did. I have never got distinction for english for exams before , not even prelims. But this time , I did it! And english is one of my favourite subjects , so Im really really satisfied (:

And lastly , I got to bond with Mummy as we were looking through the Internet and JAE book yesterday. I cant remember the last time I actually sat down with Mummy for hours and just talked freely. But I managed to do that last night , and Im really happy (: Its not there yet , but my relationship with her is starting to improve. Thank God (((: And Mummy has been there giving me never ending support. Even though I know I did not too greatly , she still reassured me that its good and that I should just go ahead and try for JC. <333333

There were disappointments too , like my overall grade , my emaths( im really disappointed over this still) , and my combined humanities[ )= ] , but at least I didnt fail or get C for anything. No matter what , Thank you God , (:

I cant say Im satisfied with my results , but now Im gna place everything in God’s hands and trust Him . Even though I may be short of 2 points for TPJC , I’ll try and try and try until I get in . (: Yayyy.

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