Smash really really rocked yst , Im still feeling abit high (:

I just want to thank God for bringing me through year 2008. Time flew by really fast and life was really  a roller coaster ride. Even though there were many many problems , God saw me through everything , and plusplus there were many joys and good things that happened too! (:

And most importantly , God taught me that I must treasure the people around me and stop taking people for granted. So thats what Im gna do. Im gna spread the love of God to everybody I meet! =D And for the people I alr know , I’ll try to know them more in-depth-ly and not just be hi-bye friends. (:

I have this super strong feeling that 2009 is gna be a good year , and God will carry me through. Yayyyy (:

Thank you God <333

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