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Keep your eyes locked on mine ,

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Yesterday was funnnn(:

Got woken up by my mother , who continuously screamed m y results in my ear. Hmm , got posted to SRJC arts stream. It doesn’t seem that bad aft all. Especially since I know tons of ppl there. At first I was disappointed , but aft that , I realise that in everything I do , God has a plan for me. So if my appeal to TPJC fails , then I know God put me in SR for a reason. And I wont be sad (: Yayyy. I thank God that at least I got into a JC.

Took a longggggggggg bus trip down to SRJC , cos my mother insisted we look around. It took arnd 50 minutes , and the school isn;t that bad aft all. There’s 2 weeks of orientation , I hope it passes fast. Then , we tried a different route back , and surprise surprise , it only took 30 mins+. So I shall spend 1 hour travelling per day. So not used to it laaa ):

Anyway , went out with Wanxin , Daniel and Wesley for dinner. MRT-ed to CityLink , and we ate Kenny Rogers at Marina Square. I couldn’t finish , so Daniel had to eat for me. Hahaha. And we walked arnd to Funan IT Mall , but most of the shops were closed. So we wentt o sit at the river at Clarke Quay for the rest of the time. Hmm , thought of many stuff , someone’s name kept appearing in my mind. Shucks. ):

Bus-ed home , which took 1 hour++. And I reached home at 11+ (: Talked to Anna on the phone until 1am+. I love talking to Anna on the phone okay. Anna , if you see this , be honoured okay. (:

And my internet’s screwing up on me , so I shall end the post. Im trying to write another song now. (((((:

To be by your side ,

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Happy New Year everybody! :D

These 2 days have been super busy la. And I feel so tiredddd!

On Sunday , Janice+family and Clement+ family came over after reunion dinner! So it was quite late , about 9+. And it was really fun! We went walkwalk downstairs arnd the whole condo , to thep layground , fishpond carpark and all! Then we came up , and talked until 1+ la. I think Randall changed alot , he looks so different now! In a good way la of course.

On Monday , we went to Mama’s house. Wactched TV with Joshua , Justin and Marcus the whole aftnoon. The food Mama cooked is so nice , and she’s gna teach me to cook! =D Yayyyyyy. Watched pokemon with my brother. I rmb last time when we used to stayover at Mama’s house , we always watched Pokemon shows. Cos she has this big plastic bag of Pokemon CDs which my father wanted to throw away. But she brought it to her place , so we get to watch! Relieve childhood memories (:

Then today , we went to the other Mama’s house. And got to eat abalone. Yay (: Stoned and played Daidee with Charissa and Clement , I WON CLEMENT SO MANY TIMES. (:

Hmm , I think CNY was fine , except for some unhappy stuff here and there. But nvm , I’ll bear with it and try not to get angry. Because I know I must honour my parents. And Im glad I have parents. Even though they may make my blood boil sometimes , they’re still my parents and they’re not perfect. So yea (:

3 more days to school posting results! Im gna have faith in God and not think so much. (: And meanwhile enjoy my remaining days , before I have to get used to JC life all over again. Mugging + intensive studying + YC study club yayyy! =D

Something for you ,

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I remember the night
When we started talking
For hours and hours
It was such a special feeling

Over the days
We chatted more and more
About everything under the sun
I was so happy talking to you
But I didn’t know that those happy moments wouldn’t last for long

Was it because we were both busy?
Or was it because of the rumours?
Lesser and shorter our conversations got,
And the distance between us got further and further

I don’t know what’s this feeling
My heart is tingling
Whenever I think of you
Is this love , or just a crush?
I really have no idea
But all I know is that I do feel something for you

It became an on and off thing
Sometimes we talked alot , other times not at all
I tried to give up so many times
But each time , all I managed to do was fall

The more I tried to forget you
The more I failed in doing so
Until the point where I realised
I don’t think I could ever let you go


My 3rd song! Haha , I tried writing it when I couldn’t sleep some nights ago.

Yay , writing songs/poems really make me happy! (:

Cos like Rubez said , its a form of expression.

Please dont laugh at me , whoever may be reading this. (:

Come back,

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For some reason , I miss Olevel period + YC study club.

Maybe I’m thinking too much , but well (:

Sch’s starting in a week’s time.

Best of me ,

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I was made the wrong way
Won’t you do me the right way
Where you gonna be tonight
’cause I won’t stay too long

Maybe you´re the light for me
When you talk to me it strikes me
Won’t somebody help me
’cause I don´t feel too strong

Was it something that I said
Was it something that I did
Or the combination of both that did me wrong

You know I´m hoping you´ll sing along
Though it´s not your favorite song

don´t wanna be there when
there´s nothing left to say
You know that some of us spin again
When you do, you need a friend
don´t wanna be there when
there´s nothing left for me
And I hate the thought of finally being erased
Baby that´s the best of meEverything’s behind you
But the hope still stands beside you
Living in every moment
Have I wasted all your time

Was there something that I said
Was there something that I did
Or the combination I broke that did me have

You know I´m hoping you´ll sing along
Though it´s not your favorite song
don´t wanna be there when
there´s nothing left to say
You know that some of us spin again
When you do, you need a friend
don´t wanna be there when
there´s nothing left for me
And I hate the thought of finally being erased
Baby that´s the best of me

So nice this song. (: And today was fun. =DD


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I <3 Daddy.

I <3 Mummy.

I <3 Mama.

I <3 all my friends.

I <3 my whole family.

Most importantly , I <3 God.


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Oh yea , I was so busy thaking everyone I forgot to add on something!

even though there were disappointments , theres always a blessing in disguise right?

God put so many surprises in my life. Like in the midst of being sad , there were things that still cheered me up.

Firstly , 100% PASSES FOR PURE GEOGRAPHY. When Vanessa told me , I really couldn’t believe it. No thanks that I didnt bring my glasses so I couldnt see the statistics on the screen for myself. We were screaming like mad , because I HAVE NEVER EVER PASSED GEOGRAPHY IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Soooo , when I got back my results,

A2 for geography. A2!!!!! A2 = DISTINCTION. DISTINCTION FOR GEOGRAPHY! I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling , even aft I counted my not-so-good results.

Secondly , I PASSED AMATH. Like geography , amaths was the one subject that I had the least confidence in. Because I know I screwed up paper 2. BUT. B3 for amath. I was really expecting myself to fail amaths , but B3 is really a great achievement for me. YAY (:

Thirdly , I improved one grade for Chinese. Im really happy I decided to listen to Mummy and retake Chinese Os. If I havent , I would have one mark more for Olevels. Even though its just one grade , Im really really happy , cos everyone knows my chinese is like CMI. So yay. (:

Fourthly , Distinction for English. (: Even though its just an A2 , I was really counting on english to pull up the rest of my grades , and yay it did. I have never got distinction for english for exams before , not even prelims. But this time , I did it! And english is one of my favourite subjects , so Im really really satisfied (:

And lastly , I got to bond with Mummy as we were looking through the Internet and JAE book yesterday. I cant remember the last time I actually sat down with Mummy for hours and just talked freely. But I managed to do that last night , and Im really happy (: Its not there yet , but my relationship with her is starting to improve. Thank God (((: And Mummy has been there giving me never ending support. Even though I know I did not too greatly , she still reassured me that its good and that I should just go ahead and try for JC. <333333

There were disappointments too , like my overall grade , my emaths( im really disappointed over this still) , and my combined humanities[ )= ] , but at least I didnt fail or get C for anything. No matter what , Thank you God , (:

I cant say Im satisfied with my results , but now Im gna place everything in God’s hands and trust Him . Even though I may be short of 2 points for TPJC , I’ll try and try and try until I get in . (: Yayyy.

New chapter,

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Yst was Olevel Results. And I was really really tensed up and anxious. At first it wasnt so bad , because I was praying and talking to God. But as my turn came nearer and nearer , something just stirred up inside me and I was super nervous and jittery. But okay la , I didnt cry surprisingly (:

And I know I didnt do well , but thank God nevertheless , because at least I didnt do much worse. I didnt give my best , so I deserve what I got. And even though its really uncertain whether or not I’ll get into the school I want , Im just gna stop worrying and trust God. Because God has a plan for meeee! And Im sure He’ll provide me a place where I can shine for Him.

I need to think of 8 other choices to put down. TPJC’s gna be my first choice , CJ next. And the rest , I’ll continue thinking bout it. I was really sad yst , and being me , I binged on food. And I think thats why I sort of fell sick . Im having really bad cramps and stomach aches now. ): And my lesson is never to vent your frustrations on food. No matter how terrible or upset you feel.

I really thank God that I have so many ppl around me , encouraging me even though I was upset and worried. My wonderful mama , aunty nelly , and brother , who comforted me the moment I walked through the door. My super lovely mummy , who msged me throughout the results , and my dad , even though he was in malaysia , he msged me this really encouraging message. And its really nice when eveyrone around you is showing their love and concern for you. And all my wonderful friends , my classmates who were there for me , eveyrone who msged me aft they got their results , those who talked to me on msn and the phone , my lovely cellgroup and cell leaders. I really thank God for each and every one of you , and I love youuuu (:

And Rubez Bestfriend has the same results as me! Its comforting to know that someone is alongside me , to make decisions with me , and just being there. Its a real big comfort, Thanks bestfrienddd (:

All those who did well , all glory to God yea? Congratssss

And to those that did not do that well , cheer up (: God is ahead of us paving the way!

Now I need God’s strength to see me through , and help me make the correct choices. Thank you God (:

Felt so close but you were far away,

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I really feel nervous. As in Im not scared , its more of just anticipation and unknowing-ness(?)

Like I dont know what results I’ll get. I did put in effort , but I dont think I gave my best. But oh well , I guess theres no point worrying about it so much .

Oh Lord , no matter what results I get tomorrow , I know its what I deserve. Even though it may not be what I expected , help me not to feel scared or disappointed or anything. I know that You already have my future planned out for me. And wherever I go , its Your will for me. Even though I may not be able to go into JC , I’ll still praise You and thank You. Because You brought me this far , and You’ll carry me through all my problems and worries and frustrations. Help me to trust in You , I know You’re already paving the way ahead for me tomorrow. (:

Your will , I’ll accept it (:

All the best to all those taking Olevel Results tomorrow too. I’ll be keeping everyone in my prayers! =D


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Hello ! Today was sentosa outing with most of the cell! =D

And it was really really fun yayyyy! (: Met Anna in the morning , and train-ed to harbourfront. Waited for the rest , bought stuff , and went to Sentosaaaaa. Me and Rubez swam all the way to the other end of the beach thingy. And swam back again aft that. Aft that I was dying of exhaustion alr la! Really v tiring and my legs were aching like siao. So we spent most of the time taking random pictures , stoning , talking. And all our food rotted and became yucky , so we had to throw them away. ):

And we went to vivocity to walkwalk aft that! Sat at Coffee Bean , talked bout lots of stuff. Susanna is FUNNNNNY okay. Inside joke . I’ll never look at guys the same way again =P Maybe. HAHA.

I superly enjoyed todayyyy! We must have more of this. And those that didnt come , DONT WORRY! WE’LL HAVE ANOTHER OUTING SOON. (:


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Went rollerblading in the evening today with Shuhan , Darryl , Wesley , Wanxin , Jasmine and Eunice! (: Havent skated in a long time alrrrr , but yay cos I only half-fell once XD

Darryl drove us to ECP , where we had dinner and I skipped it , cos I ate so much before that. =X

And I was so slow , I kept lagging behind everyone else. Sorrry XD But I think all in all , it was funnnn! And we totally should have this kind of outings again. Andrew pangseh-ed us today , but he said plan another one soon. So yayyyy! =D

I really really love blading!Alot alotzxz <3 And Wesley’s rainmagnet rollerblades caused rain again. But only for like 2 minutes , because after we prayed the rain stopped. HAHA Wesley , your rainmagnets have failedddd. =D

OH YEA. My decision is to go to JC if I can make it. (: Must see results first , but Im gna trust God and not be scared. Because God has a plan! =D JC sounds so appealing to me now , I dno for what reason. But I hope I didnt make a wrong choice that I’ll regret later on. Anyway , I’ll just cont to trust in God. Yeaaaaa (:

You , you or you?

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Just came back from Cell Retreat ! =D

It was really a refreshing time for me , except some stuff , but nehmind.

First day , we had some amazing race/treasure hunt thingy , where we had to run arnd town area. Quite fun! And we stopped at bugis to take photoshoot pictures , which turned out surprisingly nice! We were supposed to develope them and write to the rest of the cell members. I just finished writing. Yayyyy =D

Second day was reflection and personality/spiritual test. I really wna help others , so I wna take psychology in Poly/University! =D yesyesyes , i wna be a blessing to others! We also had a thrashing session in the night , where everything was just spoken , and I really hope that it was useful. I hope the cell can be more bonded and there’ll be openness between everybody. And im gna try my best to be open with everybody and not be so sticky. Yay (: Played taboo , card games , cranium , truth or dare. It was funnnnn and made me think as well.

Right now , i dunno. Am i despo , because I certainly feel like it. Do I like you ? Or do I like you ? That question was just swirling in my head the whole of last night. Maybe Im thinking too much . ): God , please help me. I really need your guidance in this area. Help me to trust You. And help me not get so involved in relationship stuffs.



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Smash really really rocked yst , Im still feeling abit high (:

I just want to thank God for bringing me through year 2008. Time flew by really fast and life was really  a roller coaster ride. Even though there were many many problems , God saw me through everything , and plusplus there were many joys and good things that happened too! (:

And most importantly , God taught me that I must treasure the people around me and stop taking people for granted. So thats what Im gna do. Im gna spread the love of God to everybody I meet! =D And for the people I alr know , I’ll try to know them more in-depth-ly and not just be hi-bye friends. (:

I have this super strong feeling that 2009 is gna be a good year , and God will carry me through. Yayyyy (:

Thank you God <333