You give and take away,

Hellloooooo (:

Today was day out with Eunice! Sorry Laogong , I cut short our bonding time tgt ): I promise i’ll try to have a full day with you sometime soon k!

Anyway , today was funnnn! We went to the airport , ate icecream from MrBean , and cheesecake from Secret Recipe! Although its fattening , but who cares. Enjoy first and worry later (: And we went to take siao pictures at some empty place in the airport , which was really really cool and nice. And we went to explore Crowne Plaza. I didnt know it was a hotel! Ooops. =X Walked arnd T2 , then I had to rush home. Thanks Laogong , today was really wonderfulllllle (:

Later in the evening , went to Uncle Vincent’s house for dinner. Such a long time since I’ve been there , and I really dont recognise so many ppl! There was these 2 cute boys , so cuteeeeeee la! One was dancing arnd and singing and doing really weird stuff. Heheeee =D Me and Janice tried playing Xbox , but we had to go after 1 game. ): Anyway , dinner was great. Uncle Vincent is such a good cook laaa =D

And I sawwww “eyecandyyyyy”. You changed so much sia. frm last time till now =P

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