When it hurts so bad,

Hello everybody! (:

Yst was awesome , Worship Team Gathering!

In the morning , I had really terrible cramps and dizzyness , so I was super worried that I couldnt go for service and gathering. But yay , it subsided. Thank God (:

Met Anna to go parkway to buy cake! And we walked around , and I realised there is a coffeeshop on the rooftop. Heh , I didnt know it existed la! Anna gave me some of her melted ice cream , which didnt have much taste. =X And we made our way to church. We ran for the bus AGAIN. Out of the 2 times we went there , we always run for the bus la! And in the end , we reached church super early. WE HAVE INTELLIGENT LIGHTS NOW YAYYYYYYYYY! ^^ Cant wait to learn how to play with them. ^^^^^^^

Aft service was cell , discussed stuff and had sharing. Rubez can be a private investigator man.(: Then Eunice , Olivia and I went off to meet the rest of the WT ppl. And in the end we were one of the earliest. Hahaha. Went to Simpang to eat , PA ppl are so bonded , we walk tgt =D Ate until super full , then walked to this ‘ quiet place ‘ . Which was next to a playground and quite secluded. Started gift exchange , haha. Got expensive ham , I likeeeee ^^ And we gave SamChin some present and cake , and he was so shocked. But yayy , Im glad he liked it . (:

Aft that , everyone was starting to get stoned , so someone decided playing ice and water. And we ended up playing on the swings , seesaw , slide and everything la. I felt like a small kid again seriously! Even though I have horrible scars on my legs now which hurt alot , Im sooo thankful for that time of fellowship la. Me and Wanxin left early. ): But still , it was really really fun! Didnt know everybody had this siao side. Hehehe =D More gatherings!

Anyway , I really enjoyed yst. Yayyyy! =D Thanks Eunice Laogong , for organising most of the things , and sorry that I was quite nonexistent in the planning. =X Im really a lousy planner.

And I know what to do now . Thank You God (:

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