Heya guys , last post before I leave for Bintan tmr. :D

At first I really didnt wna go , but on second thought , Im actually looking forward to it! Somemore theres Charissa and her family , + the rest of my relatives , and I really hope it’ll be funnnn!

Time to eat the super delicious nice ice cream with free toppings , which cant be found in Singapore. And waking up super early to go beach , run arnd , swim , and catch fish in the river behind the beach. Except this time I dont think I’ll be swimming. Auntie says its gna be super cold , so I must rmb to bring jacket.

And Im gna miss eveyrbody in Singaporeee! Im so happy we’re coming back on Sunday afternoon , because it means that I get to catch blood brothers! And good news , Constance says she thinks she can make it. YAY :D I really hope she comes.

Anyway , Christmas is next week , and its gna be busy! Havent finished buying presents for everybody yet , must find time to do that soon. Big thanks to Daniel , for the forever friends bearbear. I love it alot <333 and I know I’ve thanked you lots of times.  Haha!

God is so aweeeeeesomeeeeeeee , I love Him and I just wna shout it out to the whole wide world! <3333

Goodbye for three days and two nights , will miss all of youuuu alot! (:

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