Just you ,


I am happpppy.

Yesterday I did smth that I shouldnt have , careless la Desireeee. I shall learn to think before I take action or speak , because that is really important. Anyway , thank God that – isnt angry with me! (: Yay yay (:

I think me and him are fine fine fineeee alr! (: Next step is to really become friends again (:

God really really works miracles. Amen (:

And Daddy became a pastor. Today , Senior Pastor Dan Foo prayed for the whole family. And yayyy , Im proud of my daddy! =D Hes gna work in church starting from tuesday. New experience , I hope he is able to fit in well =D

You know , my dream has always been to help others solve their problems and vent their frustrations. So yea , naturally it upsets me when I cant be of help to the person. I really dunno if its just me , but I start to feel useless that I cant help solve the problem. Hmm , thats one area I need to work on! =D Learn not to put all the blame on myself.

God is truly amazing. In a short time of 2 months , He has taught me so much stuff. And Im thankful. Really really thankful (:

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