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You give and take away,

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Hellloooooo (:

Today was day out with Eunice! Sorry Laogong , I cut short our bonding time tgt ): I promise i’ll try to have a full day with you sometime soon k!

Anyway , today was funnnn! We went to the airport , ate icecream from MrBean , and cheesecake from Secret Recipe! Although its fattening , but who cares. Enjoy first and worry later (: And we went to take siao pictures at some empty place in the airport , which was really really cool and nice. And we went to explore Crowne Plaza. I didnt know it was a hotel! Ooops. =X Walked arnd T2 , then I had to rush home. Thanks Laogong , today was really wonderfulllllle (:

Later in the evening , went to Uncle Vincent’s house for dinner. Such a long time since I’ve been there , and I really dont recognise so many ppl! There was these 2 cute boys , so cuteeeeeee la! One was dancing arnd and singing and doing really weird stuff. Heheeee =D Me and Janice tried playing Xbox , but we had to go after 1 game. ): Anyway , dinner was great. Uncle Vincent is such a good cook laaa =D

And I sawwww “eyecandyyyyy”. You changed so much sia. frm last time till now =P

When it hurts so bad,

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Hello everybody! (:

Yst was awesome , Worship Team Gathering!

In the morning , I had really terrible cramps and dizzyness , so I was super worried that I couldnt go for service and gathering. But yay , it subsided. Thank God (:

Met Anna to go parkway to buy cake! And we walked around , and I realised there is a coffeeshop on the rooftop. Heh , I didnt know it existed la! Anna gave me some of her melted ice cream , which didnt have much taste. =X And we made our way to church. We ran for the bus AGAIN. Out of the 2 times we went there , we always run for the bus la! And in the end , we reached church super early. WE HAVE INTELLIGENT LIGHTS NOW YAYYYYYYYYY! ^^ Cant wait to learn how to play with them. ^^^^^^^

Aft service was cell , discussed stuff and had sharing. Rubez can be a private investigator man.(: Then Eunice , Olivia and I went off to meet the rest of the WT ppl. And in the end we were one of the earliest. Hahaha. Went to Simpang to eat , PA ppl are so bonded , we walk tgt =D Ate until super full , then walked to this ‘ quiet place ‘ . Which was next to a playground and quite secluded. Started gift exchange , haha. Got expensive ham , I likeeeee ^^ And we gave SamChin some present and cake , and he was so shocked. But yayy , Im glad he liked it . (:

Aft that , everyone was starting to get stoned , so someone decided playing ice and water. And we ended up playing on the swings , seesaw , slide and everything la. I felt like a small kid again seriously! Even though I have horrible scars on my legs now which hurt alot , Im sooo thankful for that time of fellowship la. Me and Wanxin left early. ): But still , it was really really fun! Didnt know everybody had this siao side. Hehehe =D More gatherings!

Anyway , I really enjoyed yst. Yayyyy! =D Thanks Eunice Laogong , for organising most of the things , and sorry that I was quite nonexistent in the planning. =X Im really a lousy planner.

And I know what to do now . Thank You God (:

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Merry Christmas! (:

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Hello world!

Its Christmas Day!

Jesus’s Birthday! =D

I love you Jesus (((((:

its such a happy yearrrrr and happy christmas!


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Heya guys , last post before I leave for Bintan tmr. :D

At first I really didnt wna go , but on second thought , Im actually looking forward to it! Somemore theres Charissa and her family , + the rest of my relatives , and I really hope it’ll be funnnn!

Time to eat the super delicious nice ice cream with free toppings , which cant be found in Singapore. And waking up super early to go beach , run arnd , swim , and catch fish in the river behind the beach. Except this time I dont think I’ll be swimming. Auntie says its gna be super cold , so I must rmb to bring jacket.

And Im gna miss eveyrbody in Singaporeee! Im so happy we’re coming back on Sunday afternoon , because it means that I get to catch blood brothers! And good news , Constance says she thinks she can make it. YAY :D I really hope she comes.

Anyway , Christmas is next week , and its gna be busy! Havent finished buying presents for everybody yet , must find time to do that soon. Big thanks to Daniel , for the forever friends bearbear. I love it alot <333 and I know I’ve thanked you lots of times.  Haha!

God is so aweeeeeesomeeeeeeee , I love Him and I just wna shout it out to the whole wide world! <3333

Goodbye for three days and two nights , will miss all of youuuu alot! (:

Just you ,

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I am happpppy.

Yesterday I did smth that I shouldnt have , careless la Desireeee. I shall learn to think before I take action or speak , because that is really important. Anyway , thank God that – isnt angry with me! (: Yay yay (:

I think me and him are fine fine fineeee alr! (: Next step is to really become friends again (:

God really really works miracles. Amen (:

And Daddy became a pastor. Today , Senior Pastor Dan Foo prayed for the whole family. And yayyy , Im proud of my daddy! =D Hes gna work in church starting from tuesday. New experience , I hope he is able to fit in well =D

You know , my dream has always been to help others solve their problems and vent their frustrations. So yea , naturally it upsets me when I cant be of help to the person. I really dunno if its just me , but I start to feel useless that I cant help solve the problem. Hmm , thats one area I need to work on! =D Learn not to put all the blame on myself.

God is truly amazing. In a short time of 2 months , He has taught me so much stuff. And Im thankful. Really really thankful (:

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Worship Team Retreat 08

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Hello everybody!

I was at worship team retreat yesterday and today! and im really tired now , but im glad i learnt ALOT during these 2 days. Michelle spoke on the need for God in our life. and its when i realised how i was always doing things according to my perspective. everything was about me , myself and I. what I wanted to do , how I should do it , why did I suffer so much problems. when in actual fact I should be thinking the other way round. What God wants of me , what are His plans for me , why is He doing what He is doing? and now , its really much clearer to me. From now on , its gna be from God’s perspective and what He wants me to do for Him , and not the other round. Like how the moon revolves around Earth , and not the Earth revolving around the moon. yeaaaa (:

Fellowship with the worship team ppl were also greatttt. I think I got to know alot more people better , I learnt to try and open up abit more and not keep to myself all the time. And it was an awesome time of eating , drinking ,talking , vonding and relaxation. Worship team members are really funny , fun and nice to be with la (:

During retreat , I reflected on my life alot. and its really , not good. Like how I’ve been rude to my parents , taking for granted the people around me , worrying unecessarily , not putting in enough effort to share Christ to friends , it just came back to me. For a while , I felt so useless , why was I lying to myself and to God all this while? Hmm , then during worship this evening , I learnt to see things from a different light. God is a God who forgives , so why should I blame and fault myself , when I should be letting go of the past and trying to start afresh and do what God wants me to do ? Then there , I made a promise to God , to really put in effort and be a good christian , a light that shines for Him. To open up my heart fully to Him , and trust Him in whatever situation He places in my life.

All in all , God really taught me lots during this retreat , and I never ever regretted joining worship team. I’ll give 100% , nothing less.  100% for God , beautiful Saviour , my bestest bestest friend (:

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Desiree wants to..

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Go arcade to play basketball and bowling.

Spend more time with Mama , Aunty , Darius and Darren.

Make things right ASAP.

Make God happy and not disappoint Him.


Go to the rooftop.

Go to the beach.

Go to an island and do some thinking.

Improve on her attitude.

Love wholeheartedly without any worries.

Stop feeling jealous so easily.

Get away from all these troubles.

Write more songs/poems/chunk of words.

Be a blessing to others.

Stop being so lazy.

See into the future.

Store all her memories into a pensieve.

Live every minute of every day carefree-ly.

When you say Yes I do

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I went to send Vanessa offf todayyyy! =D And when I saw the airplanes , how I wish I could get away from all these troubles here and go to somewhere where Im alone and do some thorough thinking. My life is a big tornado / whirlwind / cyclone and I dunno what Im doing. And all my dreams are starting to get weirder and weirder everyday. Wonder whether Im alright.

Today I helped with decorations in church. Christmas trees are really pretty things , when theyre all decorated and lighted up. Christmas is supposed to be a happy ocassion for all , but I dont know whether this will be a happy christmas for me. Theres so many troubles , and Im sinking deeper and deeper. A smile on the outside , but endless frowns on the inside. When will I laern that life is not perfect? Nothing is perfect except Dear Jesus. Oh well , I guess everything has a reason.

I really wonder whether this is me. Ive forgotten what I truly am. Whats with the facades I’ve had to put up everytime around people , trained from young thats how it came to be like that. Whenever I talk to others , I automatically put up a smile and cheerful appearance. What they dont see is the inside. Terrible whirlwinds and mix of emotions. But I’d rather be happy than sad , and make everyone around me feel sad too. Why not if I could put a smile on other’s faces?

And I long to see you smile at me again , one day. But I guess that wont be anytime soon. Dreams , dreams and more dreams.