Today was funnnnn! :D

Yay! Happy post for once right?

Today was my grandmother’s birthday! =D So I decided on this fantastic plan to have lunch with her! We settled on parkway parade , and we ate sakae sushi! Woots , super long never eat that alr la.

After that we went to walkwalka round parkway parade , and we discovered that there was an arcade on the top floor! We like chiong-ed in and started to play all the games. Me and Darius kept playing the basketball game , which is tons of fun la! And there was this group of act-cool-but-pro basketball guys that could get like 10 times of our score. Made us feel demoralised so we quickly finished up all the value in the card , then went off. Bought bubble tea , and walked around marine parade there. Went to popular , I miss FCBC lotsssss.

Mama bought me this super nice dress! But the quality is lousy so she brought it home to sew again. Yayyyyyyyyy :D

I think today was super great , and my family is very fun! Darius made me laugh like dunno how many times today. Happy Birthday Mama , I LOVE YOU ALOTTTTT <33333

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